AGILITY OFFERINGS: Bronagh is currently teaching classes at PCOTC in Port Chester, NY on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons/evenings and at Paws ‘N Effect in Hamden, CT on Monday morning/afternoons. She is also available for private lessons both in-home around the Northwestern Connecticut area and at PCOTC and in-home in that surrounding area. Not close enough to either? No problem! Bronagh is also available for online lessons.

AGILITY BIO: Bronagh is a OneMind Dogs Instructor and a certified Control Unleashed instructor. Her instruction is based in seeing everything from the dog’s perspective, but she doesn’t believe in teaching from a single system.

Bronagh Daly started her agility career at 16. She began by running her Labradoodle Stella, who achieved top levels in USDAA, AKC, and CPE. Stella, who has both dog and environmental stresses, taught Bronagh about troubleshooting ways to help stressed dogs in class and trial environments. More recently, Bronagh has been competing in Masters/Advanced USDAA, AKC, and UKI levels with her four-year-old Border Collie, Razzle. Together, they recently attended their first Regional, making Steeplechase finals and running clean. Bronagh recently started on a new journey training her young Border Collie, Oz, who is teaching her tons.

She has recently been training her youngest, Oz, in the systems of Silvia Trkman and OneMind Dogs. She loves most to help every team foster their strongest possible connection and level of trust, finding creative solutions and plans that best fit each team.

Bronagh has worked with some of the best trainers in the world, including Tereza Králová, Lisa Frick, Silvia Trkman, Nic Jones, Tuulia and Timo Liuhto, Sarah Stremming, and Leslie McDevitt. In 2017, she traveled to Finland to work with OneMind Dogs creators, Jaakko and Janita Leinonen.

My two year old sheltie and I have learned so much working with Bronagh over the past year. We started working with Bronagh by taking her short sequence agility skills classes. Her fun exercises and energetic feedback assisted our ability to grow teamwork skills and build confidence. Along the way, my young sheltie displayed environmental stresses particularly noise sensitivity. So we were fortunate to transition into Bronagh’s behavioral Control Unleashed classes. Today he is a much more focused happy dog. We have benefitted from her individualized creative games and ideas which go well beyond help for the agility ring. We are currently preparing him to be more comfortable for upcoming vet and groomer appointments for example. Bronagh is highly intelligent with an astute ability to read dogs and give clear productive feedback. She is a joy to work with and her Advanced Control Unleashed class is my dog’s favorite. He tells me that every week. I highly recommend her both for agility and behavior training.
— Virginia Hagan