At Five by Five Canine LLC, we offer in-home consultations as well as on-site sessions where we take your dog’s new skills to the “real world.” We focus on a variety of behavioral topics ranging from starting your puppy off on the right foot all the way to more complicated cases of reactivity and everywhere in between. We believe in a fully positive approach to everything, and always find that creative solution tailored just for you and your best bud. We love to help your dog take a driver’s seat in his or her own behavioral modification and learning, bringing choice to the forefront of their lives as much as we can. We believe deeply in Sarah Stremming’s four steps of behavioral wellness and integrate these into all of our training.

As a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor, we also creatively customize the Control Unleashed program to your specific needs, complimenting whatever skills your dog might also necessitate.

As well as our in-home behavioral work, we offer trick training and agility training.

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EXAMPLES OF Some of our trick offerings: