Five by five canine



an in-home, positive, compassionate, science-based dog training and pet photography business based in Washington, CT, also serving the surrounding Northwest, Central, and Southern areas. We focus on helping you start off on the right foot with your new puppy and supporting you on their journey or helping your adult dog live his/her best life. 

We believe in always giving our canine partners a driver’s seat in their training and behavior modification. Our in-home training offers variations from basic life-skills and more common behavioral problems to training for agility to more serious and complicated cases of reactivity, with a focus on behavioral wellness always at its base. We are a fully positive reinforcement focused training business, always striving to find that creative solution tailored just for you. We do not believe in ever taking corrective measures or a punishment-based training approach and instead, always focus on helping you foster a strong, trusting relationship with your best friend.

Our photography ranges from individual portrait sessions to shooting agility competitions. No matter the type of session, we look at everything with a fanciful eye to capture that perfect moment you won’t want to forget. 

Whether it’s freezing a memory in time with the perfect shot or helping your best friend reach his or her highest potential, we’re here for you!

(Note: All dogs on this site wearing additional collars are wearing Garmin GPS collars for hiking. We do not believe in using corrective tools such as e-collars.)


~ At Five by five canine, we read you loud and clear ~

It’s exciting to have Bronagh available to help us become the best teams possible, through her training and beautiful photographs of us moving through our journey. She has a strong broad-base knowledge of canine behavior coupled with her intuitive ability to assess each dog and team. Her helpful instructions are a mix of her knowledge and her own skills and experiences. She’s been where we are or have been and speaks from the heart. Bronagh freely shares information and ideas and she is never critical, but rather has the ability for perspectival understanding. Above all, Bronagh is compassionate and motivates human and canine alike to simply enjoy leaning and achieving.
— Kathy Vicari
I’m extremely thankful for all the knowledge Bronagh has passed down to me through her classes. I’ve learned so much about understanding what my dog is communicating and how much my dog is communicating to me. I’ve been to many dog training classes, wether it was for agility, basic puppy training, socialization, etc. and Bronagh is still the main source I turn to for any behavior or agility question I have. She truly understands compassionate training and that was exactly what I was looking for to build a trustful relationship with my dog when training for agility. SHE IS AWESOME!
— Stephanie Linares