We are happy to announce that we are now offering monthly online learning opportunities for current and beginner agility competitors!


Whether you’re already competing, taking classes, or just starting out, we’re here for you! We offer month-long lesson plans tailored just for you from taking up your handling to another level to perfecting those running contacts and everything in between. For brand new agility competitors, we offer a test week deal to allow you to dip your toe in the sport and see what you think!

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Ready to take your agility training to the next level? Have an agility problem you just can’t fix? Want to give agility a try?

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It’s exciting to have Bronagh available to help us become the best teams possible, through her training and beautiful photographs of us moving through our journey. She has a strong broad-base knowledge of canine behavior coupled with her intuitive ability to assess each dog and team. Her helpful instructions are a mix of her knowledge and her own skills and experiences. She’s been where we are or have been and speaks from the heart. Bronagh freely shares information and ideas and she is never critical, but rather has the ability for perspectival understanding. Above all, Bronagh is compassionate and motivates human and canine alike to simple enjoy leaning and achieving.

Bronagh Daly has helped me work with my fearful dog Lucas and my soft dog Torch. We have and continue to take her CU classes. She provides specific instructions and suggestions, which has helped us through some compromising situations. Bronagh also teaches agility and with her guidance, me and Torch are are becoming a fluid team.
— Kathy Vicari
Ive been working my youngest dog in Control Unleashed classes for the last 6 months and the improvements in my dog and how we work together as a team has improved beyond my expectations. Bronagh is passionate about training the Control Unleashed program. She offers thoughtful and insightful explanations and taIlors solutions to the individual teams in class. Bronagh is always positive and patient with both her human and dog students. I throughly enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her as a trainer. I look forward to doing more classes with her in the future.
— Barbara Siegel